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Headed For Armageddon? By Chaka D. Moore

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt seem painfully unaware of the consequences of dragging their feet in joining the anti-terrorism crusade. This folly and treachery may lead to a wider war that will encompass lands reaching from Belgrade to Baku to Bamako. Our friends in the Middle-East should immediately take whatever actions that are necessary to prevent violent acts against American citizens. Secondly, they must learn to serve the needs of their people rather then let them suffer lives of fear and poverty. The people of America find it curious that Arab revolutionaries have been turned into Islamic fanatics by dissident millionaires. How convenient that they fight "the West" and not the decadent oligarchy of the Middle-East.

The war against terrorism is a few American civilian casualties away from becoming a total war against Islam. Fear the day Americans accept the rules of this "new war" that started on September 11th - The day we get used to seeing blood. Perhaps the leaders of the Islamic world are unaware of the passage in scripture about the final battle. The passage which describes an army of 100 million marching on Jerusalem. Why would such an army be formed? I have an idea.

The Aswan Dam in flood season and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are not safe from an enraged U.S. military whose families are under seige - in my opinion. The Islamic world would strike out like a thousand wounded tigers if Mecca was destroyed. Unthinkable? Impossible? No. The threat to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic holy cities becomes very real if there is a major act of agression on the American continent. Even the heads of oil corporations and major financial institutions will cower in fear of an American people bloodied and furious. If Americans think that our survival is not assured - will we not resort to the most brutal act? Japan learned the hard way - twice.

Can we the people of the New World prevent the madmen of the Occidental and Oriental world from taking the path that leads to Armageddon? Will we follow them?

...Lord have mercy.

Chaka D. Moore

Sunday, October 14, 2001

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