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The Deeper Look Discussion Forum is a discussion board community designed to facilitate passionate, reasoned, and articulate dialogue among viewers, revolving around the daily A Deeper Look editorials and commentaries.

Having seen the pitfalls of website discussion boards that permit a minority of particpants to monopolize the electronic conversation, the Black Electorate Discussion Forum seeks to ensure a broad, rich and diverse exchange of opinion and ideas in a manner that attracts the broadest and most varied participation from viewers.

Members of the forum are permitted 3 posts per day, per topic, of no more than 450 words each. And all lewd, disrespectful and inappropriate expressions are forbidden and the basis of dismissal from the community. We want to facilitate deep discussion through sharp and concise posts stimulated by A Deeper Look editorials and commentaries. No essays, slander, gossip, cursing, insults, solicitation, personal attacks, or shallow rhetoric. Only intelligent discussion.

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