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Religion, Theology and Self-Improvement Sundays: Women, Religion, Theology and Society Part 18

In this final week of this series we just wish to remind all of our readers of the vital importance of this subject. We think that it goes hand-in-hand with any movement that claims to be concerned with the upliftment of humanity or the liberation of the oppressed. We find that far too often, the condition of women and their elevation is relegated to a mere after thought and even opposed, in deed, in the most noble sounding of movements and organizations.

Until the issues of the purpose, structure and function of the female are dealt with juxtaposed to the dominant image of the female in culture, as well as her real influence in society, no real improvement in the condition of women gained through the political process will be lasting in nature.

In our opinion it all begins in the mind and in that regard, every human being is potentially guilty in the dehumanization of women all over the world -including women themselves.

We have focused on the role of theology and religion in the oppression and liberation of women because of the central role that they occupy in defining womanhood, the origin of the female, the relationship between women and God and the relationship between women as well as the much talked about male-female relationships.

And because religion and theology deal with ideals, we have asked the question of whether or not those who preach and teach religion do so in agreement and accord with God's view of the female. We appreciate those who have stayed with us throughout this series and who have provided comments, criticism and feedback.

We are grateful and believe that what we have written is only an introduction to this vast subject and not a definitive statement. We know that what we have written has been thought provoking and that alone was the goal of the entire series.

Thank You

Cedric Muhammad

Sunday, March 4, 2001

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