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2/6/2023 "The Black Economy 50 Years After The March On Washington"

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9 Years @

This month marks the ninth year of existence of ( And as always we thank every single viewer who in one way or another has participated, engaged in or supported the life of this website which has manifested in our three forms: information, education, and action.

In the year 2000 we blasted off with an information only website, which aggregated news from around the world, gave it priority, and placed it in a hierarchy that to this day remains unique. Thus far, we have presented over 150,000 articles from various perspectives, from all over the world. Added to that were my regular ‘A Deeper Look’ columns and its guest opinion editorials.

In 2002 we began Black Electorate Economics University (BEEU) which began our commitment to education on a subject that we were convinced was critical for all to understand – economics. Today, I think that our foresight is well verified. Since that year, hundreds of Members, for an affordable price, have been able to learn at BEEU everything from how to write a business plan; the origin of money; how the music industry works; why ethnic kinship systems are the foundation of wealth creation; the relationship between trade and monetary policy, and who holds the real power on economic decision-making in a Presidential cabinet. Today, BEEU continues with its best Semester yet (

In 2006 - 2008, the website made a transition to action, bringing together its most committed viewers together to build an online and offline network that would apply intellectual firepower and operational unity to four problem areas. “The Business and Building” Community ( focused its work on four areas: 1) fighting Felon Disenfranchisement with the American Civil Liberties Union 2) establishing an alliance with Saving Our Selves to support the transition of Street Organizations from destruction to Building 3) creating the Black Black Initiative For Financial Literacy, Wealth Creation, and Community Development (recognized in the prestigious American Banker: publication and 4) establishing a United States of Africa-Diaspora Working Group. This effort has taken the website well beyond knowledge and into deeper understanding and its application – wisdom. The tremendous achievements and accomplishments of the Community, as well as disappointments – all are lessons learned – and represent progress.

In 2009 the Community will primarily focus on the establishment of its United States of Africa-Diaspora Initiative, which now has the added momentum of my Honor and Membership as a Delegate To The African Union’s First Congress of African Economists: (

Today, in 2009 we continue our commitment at to provide our readers with an interactive experience, that surpasses intellectualism, not only with the return of daily news, a Weekly Deeper Look (beginning in May of 2009), and the continued presence of the ‘Business and Building’ Community, but also through the live simulcast (every Wednesday, 12 to 5 PM EST) of the entertaining and provocative “Cedric Muhammad and Black Coffee Program” - a show like no other, blending economics, geopolitics, music and motivation.

On a personal note, I’m extremely grateful to Allah (God), the longing of the ancestors, and the influence that this community has had on my own personal, spiritual, and professional life. I am so grateful to have been blessed with friendships all over the world and all walks of life in large part due to this experience. All of us when we say “I,” whether we realize it or not, are representing an unseen or unknown “We” who has made us what we are.

A great ‘unseen’ force and power in the birth, evolution and progression of is its Co-Founder, Charles Muhammad, who has worked with me for years in a beautiful Brotherhood and business partnership free of envy and jealousy. If I had not been blessed with a human being to work side-by-side with me who could place the larger mission and righteous principles above all else, and who would not compete with me (and vice-versa) there would be no

[One day, on “The Cedric Muhammad and Black Coffee Program,” I hope to spend considerable time on how invidious comparisons, envy, negative jealousy, and the superficial spirit of emulation are crippling progress in our personal, professional, community, national and international lives.]

Our spiritual reward is the greatest of them all, which Charles and I are still blessed to receive, each and every time we are made aware of the positive impact this website has had on a person, circumstance, institution or event.

We have much in mind for 2009 and 2010 for this website, so we hope that you will continue to stay with us, and allow us to serve you.


Cedric Muhammad

Cedric Muhammad

Sunday, April 5, 2009

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