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3/27/2023 "The Black Economy 50 Years After The March On Washington"

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Theology Thursdays: Christians Asks 50 Cent to Stop the Release His New Album in June by Mark Dice

After making headlines around the world for calling rapper 50 Cent a Satanist and asking him to stop wearing a crucifix while rapping about sexual promiscuity, drugs, and murder, Mark Dice is asking 50 to shelve his up coming album “Curtis” permanently.

“50 has promised this album will be just as aggressive as his previous two, and I think he should make the decision not release anymore of his filth to the public. He has been a terrible role model for the youth, who he claims he cares about, and is basically an agent of Satan” concludes Dice.

“One would think that after he was shot 9 times and almost killed, that he would have turned his back on crime and violence, but instead he has chosen to endorse it, making millions of dollars in the process” Dice explains. “He has been nothing but a pawn of Satan.”

Mark Dice believes that 50 Cent has the potential to do the right thing and be a positive role model for the countless kids who look up to him. “All 50 would have to do is turn from his evil ways and repent of his sins and he could find a new life as a positive role model for others. He should be rapping about how violence and drugs ruin lives, not bragging about being someone who you don’t want to mess with, or bragging about all of the women he sleeps with.”

Mark Dice is also extending a hand of friendship to the rapper inviting 50 to go to church with him in the near future. “I would really appreciate it if he would come with me to church some Sunday. I think if 50 and I were to hang out for a bit, he would see where I was coming from and change his ways” he says.

Mark Dice is the author of the book, The Resistance Manifesto. His website is


Thursday, May 3, 2007

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