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Looking For A Few Good Business Partners... (November 22 to November 26)

In keeping with, and in an effort to apply a principle I elaborate on in my forthcoming book, I have decided to tap into my network for the purpose of launching and expanding three business ventures in 2007.

The three ventures are 1) a multi-media broadcasting, communications and entertainment business, 2) an international economic consulting firm, and 3) an information-based service that fills a need of college students, universities, professional organizations, and government agencies in particular.

All of the ventures are for-profit and very financially lucrative, and all have business plans completed.

With all of the various work, projects and commitments I have been involved with in recent years, I have not been able to focus on entrepreneurial endeavors as I have desired. But that will be changing in 2007, with the publication of my new book early next year, and the launch of my new company in December. More on both, in coming days and weeks.

I have been in business partnerships that have been successful and some that have not been Ė for various reasons. All have provided valuable experiences and great lessons that guide and shape my views today.

With those experiences; the wisdom of wonderful mentors in business and life; and a recent period of deep study and personal and professional development; I am looking forward to talking business with people in my network who are similarly motivated and interested in going into business with me, expanding their power and influence for good, and making some money... well, actually a lot of money.

I am not thirsty for anyone's wallet or purse or desperate to get down with the first person who comes along and says they are interested. What I am looking for are seriously business-minded individuals, who have capital Ė in the form of finances, networks, and ideas, as well as the character and competence to enhance what I already have established and have in mind. There will be a process by which we build with one another and this isnít a numbers-game: I donít need a volume or multitude of investors, but rather, only a few good men and women, with the right material and spirit.

All of the three ventures are designed to be multi-million dollar businesses, and we are only looking for a handful of partners, so the minimum amount of financial investment we will be considering will have to be no less than five figures. That does not mean that down the road there wonít be a role for smaller sized investments. But for now, we have a clear idea of the amount of resources we need, not only to build these businesses but also to do so in a way that makes the partnership relationship valuable and lucrative.

If you are interested in making power moves and money in the í07, and have the resources to invest in some exciting and profitable projects, I would like to talk business with you, especially over the next 30 to 45 days. My team and I are looking to move quickly and for the remainder of this year, would like to get started in getting to know our potential partners, as soon as possible.

I envision building with you by phone and e-mail at first, getting acquainted with one another personally, talking business philosophy, models, and opportunities, and then finally getting together in person with myself and my team to review actual plans, talk strategy, and negotiate an appropriate relationship, if possible.

I am really looking forward to this.

To get things started, please review and fill out this form and we will take it from there:

I look forward to a prosperous and profitable 2007, with the right partners.

Note: Please be advised, that this communication does not constitute a guarantee of any kind and is only an invitation to begin a process of dialogue and discussion.

Cedric Muhammad

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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