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Africa and Aboriginal Tuesdays (December 23-28): Exclusive Q & A With Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Author, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?" Re: The Origin Of AIDS

Dr. Leonard Horowitz generated shockwaves with his lucid, powerful and meticulously researched book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?". Now, his new website,"Origin Of" is poised to have a similar impact through a different medium.

Dr. Horowitz has challenged the conventional wisdom of scientists, medical professionals, politicians, economists and spiritual leaders with his thesis that AIDS and HIV are the result of artificial activities and not that of nature and accidents. Dr. Horowitz has argued that it is not an accident that Black people all over the world are disproportionately affected by new plagues and pandemics like AIDS and Ebola.

Some have accepted his views, unchalleneged. Others have accepted them with resistance. And, of course, many reject his arguments for a variety of reasons ranging from professional training to ignorance.

To get to the root of what Dr. Horowitz argues and the controversy that has surrounded his thesis and its implications; recently conducted an in-depth interview with him. The discussion covered military and biological warfare, vaccines, Africa, and the role that trusted multilateral institutions, scientists, and medical professionals may have played in committing what could be one of the greatest crimes in history.

The goal of in conducting this interview on the subject is to move the current discussion of "where AIDS came from" out of 1) gross ignorance, 2) unthinking acceptance or rejection of establishment or alternative theories, 3) defensive, emotional ideological-driven reactions, and 4)baseless opinions; and into the realm of reasoned dialogue and scientific research.

**** What differentiates your view of how AIDS originated from that of others? Can you show that it was produced with malice and forethought and of course, that AIDS is artificial and not the result of a natural occurrence?

Dr. Horowitz: Most people still believe in one of the following mythical sources of AIDS: 1) the gay flight attendant, or 2) the Nordic seamen, or 3) the cut monkey hunter. Generally, lay people have been fooled into believing one of the above somehow delivered AIDS from Africa to New York. Each of these nonsensical theories have been scientifically rebuked.

The international consensus of AIDS-origin investigators now sees the pandemic as man-made, one way or another. Contaminated vaccinations and/or reused needles are the favored explanations of knowledgeable scientists. But even the reused needles theory has been appropriately rejected due to what is referred to as the “starburst phylogeny.” Let me explain:

A most telling determination has been advanced by Dr. Gerald Myers, from the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico. He is among the world’s leading geneticists, a DNA sequencing specialist, at the U.S. Government’s nuclear and genetics laboratory. Dr. Myers explained in a scientific report and presentation in London in 2000 that not one, but as many as ten strains of HIV simultaneously emerged in Africa and New York in the early to mid 1970s. This “starburst phylogeny” of HIV strains, according to Myers, can be best explained one way only: There had to have been a man-made “extraordinary event” transmitting at least ten different strains of HIV. The transmissions had to involve a contaminated colony or gang caged group of chimpanzees derived from Central Black African villagers, mostly women. This could not have happened due to reused needles. (Please see the scientific review of this subject available for free at www.origin Dr. Myers left the vaccination origin theory open by the process of elimination.

Dr. Myers's scientific presentation occurred in the context of examining the possible role polio vaccinations played in prompting AIDS, beginning in the mid to late 1950s. The consensus of scientists who attended this meeting left the jury hanging. They were unable to definitively determine whether chimpanzees had ever been used to develop polio, or any other vaccine. Chimpanzees used to make suspected vaccines became the primary focus of research and debate because of Dr. Myers’s work and the closest genetic association between the chimp immunodeficiency virus and HIV. No one was able to produce, however, the “smoking gun” in this regard. No one stood up to tell of any “extraordinary event” involving contaminated chimpanzees used to make contaminated vaccinations precisely timed for a late 1970s emergence of AIDS.

Curiously, no one declared the polio vaccine/AIDS inquiry to be inherently irrational, given the 7-to-10-year incubation period of HIV transmission to AIDS expression. If polio vaccines of the 1950s transmitted HIV, this would have resulted in a 1960s emergence of AIDS. That is ten years too early! Consider again Dr, Myers’ accurate determinations.

The major contribution I have made; what differentiates my AIDS-origin theory from all others, is that I was able to produce the “smoking gun” in this regard. I discovered scientific reports confirming that contaminated chimpanzees were used to produce the earliest hepatitis B vaccines given to gay men in New York City and Central African Blacks between 1970 and 1974. This was perfectly timed to explain this “extraordinary event,” that is, the simultaneous emergence of HIV/AIDS on two far removed continents, in two demographically distinct populations. The primary vector was Merck’s experimental hepatitis B vaccine (See related contracts by primate supplier, Bionetics: NIH 71:2025 entitled “Investigations of Viral Carcinogenesis in Primates,” and Merck’s synchronous NIH contract “Oncogenic Virus Research and Vaccine Development, NIH 71-2059.)

This science is extremely compelling. The contracts detail the development of the unprecedented leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma cancer complex viruses linked to immune suppression, and trials to induce this disease complex in monkeys and humans during the early 1970s. Experimental vaccines for this complex were also being tested by these documented biological weapons contractors.

What makes my work additionally unique is that I candidly disclose the political and industrial players promulgating and funding this research as well as their financial and administrative links to leading depopulation organizations.

The above, I believe, also answers your second question. The above documents and determinations, initially advanced in my now national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional? provide undisputed proof that “AIDS is artificial and not the result of a natural occurrence.” The book heavily handles the question of human intent to commit genocide, or what you call "forethought." This is where most people begin to choose denial, rather than objectively examining the data. Most people cannot conceive that there might have been government and industry leaders collaborating to commit genocide more comfortably called population control. What do you say to those who believe that your focus on the origin of AIDS distracts from “more important” needs like getting medicine and information regarding testing to victims and the general public?

Dr. Horowitz: I say this is an extremely ignorant and potentially deadly attitude. For all we know, HIV/AIDS may still be spreading through contaminated vaccines. Without getting to the bottom of this fiasco, we will never know for sure.

Moreover, imagine blindly moving ahead purchasing and consuming certified lethal potions, pills, and elixirs from the same people that brought you AIDS. If you think this is justified, then in my humble opinion, you’re worse than a harmless idiot. This belief and behavior is DEADLY! Do you believe that AIDS was developed specifically for the purpose of genocide or was it made in the context of chemical and biological warfare, and inadvertently has disproportionately affected non-White people all over the world?

Dr. Horowitz:I believe that population policy makers have a wide variety of culling and killing methods and materials at their disposal. Any intelligent person would question why AIDS affects Black people disproportionately in America and Africa. I am convinced, given the political context in which it arose, that AIDS was developed as a genocidal weapon. I arrived at this conclusion after months of research and soul searching. The best quote that comes to mind here is from the past chief of AIDS of the World Health Organization (WHO), the late Jonathan Mann. He left his position at WHO frustrated by his determination that “far more than a medical scientific problem, AIDS is a sociopolitical imposition.”

Mann was not simply referring to common folks’ risky sexuality. He sat next to Dr. Robert Gallo when I challenged the later, NCI project officer on the Bionetics contract, regarding Bionetics production of numerous AIDS-like viruses during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Mann knew Bionetics had supplied the Merck company with their chimpanzees. He was well aware of my determinations, as was the Black Surgeon General of the United States, David Satcher. This "Surgeon Genocide," I prefer to call him, cancelled my invitation to meet with him along with Nation Of Islam health minister, Dr. Alim Muhammad, because he knew very well the hepatitis B vaccine trails and related cancer experiments continued by Merck were initially funded by the U.S. Army at the New York University Medical Center, a leading biological weapons contractor according to the Congressional Record. This information was simply too politically hot to handle.

I do not believe that Black people are exclusively susceptible to the ongoing global genocide, although AIDS seems to be the method of choice for Black depopulation. I cover this broad subject extensively in the pre-9/11/01 prophetically titled publication Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare which focuses on various methods of "non-lethal warfare" and current operations to reduce America’s entire population, Black and otherwise, by 50 percent. What was your view of the controversy, last decade, over the belief that the medication called Kemron, in Kenya could have been a cure for AIDS? Do you believe that there is a vaccine available right now that can heal or cure AIDS victims? Or do you prefer other methods?

Dr. Horowitz: I have not studied this particular approach to treating HIV/AIDS as others have, such as the esteemed health minister of The Nation Of Islam, Dr. Alim Muhammad, so I must reserve comment on Kemron.

However, I am well aware of several other highly effective, natural, low cost, low risk, methods of treating HIV infection and AIDS. I have met with many researchers and clinicians who have had excellent success by prescribing combinations of the following general protocols: 1) detoxification; 2) deacidification of body chemistry; 3) natural and general immunity boosting; 4) oxygenation; and 5) bioelectics. This latter area includes many new technologies from sound, frequency, and color therapies and clustered water DNA rehydration, to hands-on healing and prayer.

The above five steps represent a highly effective generic approach to treating almost every disease. This is how medicine should be, and would be practiced, based on the most advanced health science determinations, if it was not for the fact that medical/pharmaceutical profiteers control the “healthcare” (which is really a misnomer for “disease management”) industries.

For more information on the above natural approach to healthcare, I refer people to my 2000 publication, Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-999-508-4787). I present a summary of these steps on the website This presents the "good news" about which everyone should be aware. From what you know, how far back does the U.S. government's interest in chemical and biological warfare agents go, particularly those that would suppress the human immune system?

Dr. Horowitz:America’s interest in biological and chemical warfare agents dates back to the Revolutionary War during which anthrax was reportedly used by both American and British forces to undermine enemy cavalry.

Regarding human immune suppressives, these are relatively modern inventions – conveniences for population controllers, who are also global pharmaceutical industrialists. Interest in this field was said to evolve, foreign bodies. Research in pharmacological and microbial-induced immune suppression evolved during the 1960s wherein white blood cell body guards were studied to determine what would turn them on and off, so to speak. Focus during the last part of that decade was heavily placed on viruses and other pathogens such as mycroplasma that would knock out the immune system partially or entirely, alone or in combination with other chemical and/or biological agents (i.e, co-factors.) What was your view of the controversy in South Africa over Thabo Mbeki's consideration that AIDS and HIV are not related? Who is behind the theory that HIV does not cause AIDS?

Dr. Horowitz: I believe that the President of South Africa made a valiant attempt to defend his electorate from pharmaceutically-induced genocide. He paid politically for this effort. The position that HIV does not cause AIDS is largely accurate. HIV, is, as mentioned above, an immune suppressive co-factor. What kills most people with HIV are drug side effects. Meanwhile, low cost, low risk, highly effective alternative treatment regimens have been neglected or suppressed by mainstream health policy makers.

Scientific publications and U.S. Government patents clearly show that Pathogenic Mycoplasma is the principle agent responsible for all the symptoms of AIDS as well as Gulf War Syndromes I and II and the new deadly flues and recurring respiratory ailments. We covered this topic, and reprinted the primary patent, in the 1999 release called Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; I-888-508-4787)

However, there are many people who, I believe, are simply misguided. They promote the idea that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, and that the entire pandemic is the result of risky lifestyles and prescription medicines. Many of their arguments are valid including their criticism of the many false positives derived from highly questionable HIV tests.

But most of these naysayers fail to gather all the related data, including the socioeconomic, political, and scientific correlates and antecedents to this form of genocide. They fail to realize the primary source of this thesis is Dr. Peter Duesberg, who is heavily incriminated for his role in developing these specific types of never-before-seen leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma cancer viruses in concert with Gallo and others. These people worked on the largely funded, mostly secret, Special Virus Cancer Program that gave rise to this pandemic. I believe that if you review all the evidence with an open mind, you will conclude as I have that Dr. Duesberg is an exceptional counterintelligence propagandist, covering up his own culpability. Your origin of AIDS thesis "indicts" two highly respected members of the international medical and scientific communities - Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Peter Duesberg. What are their roles in all of this and how do they function as agents of disinformation regarding HIV/AIDS today?

Dr. Horowitz: Dr. Gallo and Dr. Duesberg fulfill the standard Hegelian dialectic of counterintelligence propagandists. That is, Dr. Gallo's partially false thesis that HIV causes AIDS versus Dr. Duesberg's partially false thesis HIV does not cause AIDS produces "synthesis," better known as mass confusion. People tire of the debate, and tune out, as government officials operating on behalf of drug industrialists keep sticking it to humanity, literally and figuratively, in the form of genocidal vaccinations now known to have triggered AIDS and a myriad of other new plagues.

Sure HIV does not cause the symptoms of AIDS. Mycoplasma co-infections have proven to do this. Simpy read Dr. Lo's research from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and his Pathogenic Mycoplasma patent we reprinted in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Likewise, Duesberg's position that HIV does not have an oncogene, or a cancer causing gene, contradicts what he reported years earlier when he debated Gallo during a scientific conference I documented in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? Duesberg, however, is accurate in saying that other risk factors such as anal intercourse, poor nutrition, and drug side effects and abuse behaviors reduce host immunity, and increase AIDS susceptibility.

Ancient religious scriptures speak of half-truths being complete lies. These two men are guilty of this, as well as being human resources perpetuating global genocide. How have doctors and nurses, generally speaking, responded to your presentations?

Dr. Horowitz: Very well, in general. Most of these people are intelligent public servants who seek the truth, despite having become indoctrinated in the cult of medical science, and thus heavily biased by their hazing (commonly referred to as academic education). Years ago I was often invited to debate these issues with government or public health officials. I routinely accept such refereed debates. In recent years, sponsoring organizations can no longer find anyone to debate me. It seems my reputation precedes me for thoroughly embarrassing my opponents with the whole hidden truth and documented facts. What of Ebola - do you see its appearance in similar fashion as you do that of AIDS? Why would it be so strong in the Congo? What do you think of this article from LJWorld, "KU professor working to solve Ebola mystery " (, which says of Kansas University Professor A. Townsend Peterson : "Peterson and two other researchers from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta believe a smaller animal serves as a 'reservoir' for the virus. The animal is able to sustain the virus without adverse effects, then transmits it to other species that become ill."?

Dr. Horowitz: I believe this is largely hogwash. I virtually proved the origin of Ebola with compiled evidence and scientific documents reprinted in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? I learned the mother of Ebola-Marburg virus, and the grandmother of Ebola – a hemorrhagic fever rabies-type of virus injected into monkeys called Rhabdovirus simian, came from Litton Bionetics’s labs and monkey colonies in Uganda. I presented the best explanation as to why this virus initially emerged in the Congo (previously Zaire). These details involve the agent’s use as a political weapon and biological weapon foremost capable of inducing fear. Have you heard of this case where six Bulgarian medics have been charged with deliberately infecting about 400 Libyan children with HIV through blood transfusions? Do you have any thoughts?

Dr. Horowitz: Interesting case. It would be wise to know how the HIV was transmitted.

Moreover, if it was done intentionally, it would be appropriate to determine if these medics were intelligence operatives, linked to one of the MI6 or CIA fronts, thus genocidal operatives effecting population control measures. What do you make of the anthrax investigation, particularly any evidence that is reported to point to Dr. Hatfill as the prime "person of interest". What of another person, named Dr. Phillip Zack, who used to work at Ft. Detrick (read this article from The Hartford Courant via ( ? What do you make of this article that says an Egyptian, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a U.S. government scientist and former biowarfare researcher was framed during the antrax investigation (

Dr. Horowitz: I have written extensively on the anthrax mailings. Please read the article I posted at Also, Dr. Hatfill and Dr. Zack had nothing to do with the mailings. The chief “government insider” suspect in my investigation was the Russian defector K. Alibekov. (See: I cite the chief institutional suspect working in collaboration with the CIA as the Battelle Memorial Institute. Are there any race-specific viruses that have been created that would affect Blacks and Whites or Asians and Indians, for example differently. People say that "we are all the same", but is there any sound medical and scientific evidence that different agents can kill one race of people without harming others? Has the United States government engaged in this type of research?

Dr. Horowitz: Yes. Ebola is one such virus. Black people are reportedly more genetically susceptible to getting infected with this virus. I am not certain if this report is valid. I am, however, aware of research documented in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, that ethnic weapons were being tested. Jewish women were, for instance, determined to be genetically susceptible to breast cancer viruses. What do you think of this article by Dwayne Wickham, "Blacks need help to dispel suspicions of flu vaccines" - - that speaks to Blacks hesitancy and suspicion toward vaccines? What is your position on flu vaccines?

Dr. Horowitz:: DeWayne Wickham, who writes a weekly column for USA TODAY, is one of the most misinformed purveyors of propaganda in the United States. His articles routinely undermine the intelligence and health of the African-American community. His article about the alleged need for Black people to get flu vaccines best reflects why he has kept his job with America's premier propaganda rag.

Therein he protested that many of his closest family members, friends and colleagues refused to take the flu vaccine, including his father-in-law, Eugene, previously with the State Department. Eugene's intelligent decision was likely influenced by more than his awarenes of Tuskeegee. In Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?, foreign policies implemented by the U.S. State Department were documented to have been historically genocidal; especially to native populations, particularly in the Third World. Dr. Stephen Kunitz provided an excellent review of this fact a couple of years ago in the Journal of the American Public Health Association. His conclusion was that whereever the "WASP"-directed multinational corporations went in collaboration with the World Bank and World Health Organization, genocide always followed in the affected native populations.

The litmus test for taking the flu vaccine, or any vaccine, should be based on the most important scientific question of risk versus benefit to the population at risk. Some argue this focus on populations versus individuals possibly overlooks individuals at special risk of side effects. Nonetheless, NOT ONE VACCINE (read my lips--zero, zip, nada) has ever past this litmus test! That is, not one vaccine has ever been scientifically proven more helpful than harmful!!! To date, approximately 90% of all vaccine injuries go unreported. Do you really believe drug companies, and their prostitutes in federal regulating positions, wish to determine how many people they are killing (or are being harmed by vaccines)? Of course not! If this data ever got out the entire industry would be undermined and legally embattled. Conservative estimates place the number of vaccine injured persons annually, in America alone, at 800,000! That's almost twice as many as those who die of heart disease every year.

Ask people who have taken flu shots, as I routinely do, if they got sick from them, or caught the flu that year. You may be astonished to learn that more than half who have been vaccinated say, "Yes." Many of these people remained ill for many months post vaccination.

There were approximately 10,000 Americans who died as a result of taking the "Swine Flu" vaccine in 1975 alone. My mother died in 1992 from immune suppression and neurological damaged from Guillain Barre disease linked to flu vaccines and other alleged "immunizations."

If DeWayne Wickham desires to get vaccinated, he should do so and leave the rest of us alone. The result of his potentially lethal flu vaccination might help save the lives of thousands of Black people who read his deceptive, if not deadly, dribble. Have you noticed many people, as we have, who see a "conspiracy" (racial or not) in military affairs, politics, economics, media and culture but who seemed frightened to death of any such conspiracy existing in the origin and spread of AIDS?

Dr. Horowitz: Yes. I have especially experienced this among American gay men. Not all, but most seem to reflect the same level of denial that most Jewish people exhibited in the days leading up to the WWII holocaust. They were too frightened to believe the worst was possible. What do you think makes AIDS different and the racial disparities associated with it, in the minds of people who overwhelmingly do not trust media and government on almost any other subject?

Dr. Horowitz: I am only speculating in saying that what we may be witnessing is the result of a heightened level of emotional arousal that the label AIDS or HIV-positive brings as it is perceived as a virtual death sentence, and the most severe social stigma. If you consider Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s “death and dying model”, when confronted by a horrific reality, the first “normal” response is denial. It’s relatively easy to point fingers at the government and others who carry a social stigma, but to accept that you personally have been targeted for elimination with a biological weapon requires an educational and emotional process that is inherently inhumane and ungodly. Have you had difficulty working with people who style themselves as progressives, truth-seekers, revolutionaries and radicals but seem to be afraid to even consider the possibility that genocide exists or that AIDS is part of such an effort, or a continuation of the mindset that gave us colonialism and imperialism?

Dr. Horowitz: Yes. A great example of this exists currently with Amnesty International. Allegedly an organization devoted to the defending human rights composed mostly of “progressives, truth-seekers, revolutionaries and radicals,” when the national organization had the opportunity this year to pass a resolution calling for a simple investigation into the possibility that HIV/AIDS was man-made for population control (i.e., genocide), the effort was undermined and quickly terminated. The resolution, advanced by Black students at Howard University, was demeaned exclusively as a Black issue stemming from Black people’s ignorance and gullibility. Leading the antagonistic attacks, I might add, was a highly vocal gay rights activist. Do you think that the intersection between members of the population control/family planning movement(s) and political progressives/liberals is partly responsible for this apparent blindspot or inconsistency?

Dr. Horowitz: I believe the dissonance issue precipitates from egocentrism. Everyone seeks to assert their special interests. This tendency is reliably used by our adversaries, the AIDS makers or shadow governors, to "divide the sheeple to conquer the flock." You cannot completely explain this apparent incongruity any other way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

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