The Black Bank Initiative and The United States Of Africa/Diaspora Advocacy Group - 'Business and Building' III? is informally exploring the level of interest among its viewership in a follow-up to its 2006 and 2007 "Business and Building" Community Events in Washington D.C. The proposed event, could be devoted to one or two Initiatives:

The Black Bank Initiative (BBI). The Black Bank Initiative For Wealth Creation, Financial Literacy and Community Development was successfully launched in 2008, debuting its website ( and immediately leveraging its power with Black-owned commercial banks, earning media coverage in the prestigious American Banker publication. The Group would like to extend its influence into popularizing informal pools of capital such as investment clubs and savings and capital accumulation traditions among Black American, 'West Indian' and Caribbean communities. The forum could also discuss innovative ways to continue its emphasis on how the Black community can leverage its deposits and capital into influence and even ownership of struggling commercial lending institutions.

United States of Africa-Diaspora Advocacy Group. This Initiative would pursue the development of a advocacy group based in the Diaspora that would provide constructive criticism, support, and encouragement to the 'United States Of Africa' effort spear-headed by the African Union (AU), seeking to make it more engaged and accountable to the over 80 million Sons and Daughters of Africa living outside of the continent. The Group could discuss strategies and tactics that would pool and utilize financial resources, business opportunities, votes, physical presence, and media influence in pursuit of a self-enlightened interest where intra-African issues are concerned as well as such matters as the relationship betwen African states and multi-lateral institutions or U.S. foreign policy toward African nations. Co-Founder Cedric Muhammad is currently serving as Rapporteur For The Diaspora of the First Congress Of African Economists, convened by the African Union in March of 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009