Mass Mizan : President Obama Invites The Muslim World To Force Him To Change U.S. Foreign Policy

President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech “Remarks On A New Beginning," delivered at Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt is quite remarkable. It enables or sets the stage for healthy dialogue and debate; geopolitical and theological shifts and evolution; and a review of world history and U.S. public policy. In my view it is as important as his speech on race, and through the proper lens can even be seen as the sequel or second part to that address from 2008.

With the passing of time it is clear that President Obama is very special human being, designed for a critical time, to perform an unusual work. This speech provides more evidence of that.

Before and after the speech, several thoughts, books, scriptural verses, and personal experiences came to mind. I watched the international reaction to the speech throughout the day, and even found some stimulating perspectives available on American Cable TV [for those that don’t know, until yesterday I had not watched CNN, MSNBC or Fox for 40 days, in favor of Russia Today, France 24, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC); Nigerian Television Authority; Euronews; the Japan Broadcasting Corporation and Metro Chinese Programming].

I was also especially overjoyed to see President Obama visit the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt (I hope he has “Nights Over Egypt” by the Jones Girls on his ipod playlist).

From the perspective of a Muslim, a political adviser, speechwriter, and economist, I found President Obama’s speech to be moving, broad, ambitious, scholarly, and ground-breaking. It was well written and of course, masterfully delivered.

However, I also saw aspects of it that could easily be challenged on factual grounds and in terms of emphasis – which many can and should do.

A quick example is...

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Friday, June 5, 2009