African Union Names Cedric Muhammad Member Of First Congress Of African Economists - To Participate In Conference In Nairobi, Kenya

Cedric Muhammad, Chief Economist of CM Cap Consulting ( is currently en route to Nairobi, Kenya, to participate in next week’s monetary conference convened by the African Union Commission ( Similar to the European Union’s historic achievement last decade, the African Union (AU) is progressing toward the establishment of a ‘United States of Africa.’ A single currency has been agreed upon as an essential element in this monumental effort.

Cedric was selected for his proposal for an optimal approach to introducing a single African currency, backed by gold, and has been invited to present; participate in dialogue and debate with his fellow Congress Members; and finally to advise and plan with AU and African economic officials.

"This is a tremendous honor and responsibility. The importance of this effort cannot be understated. In my view the cultural, political and economic integration of Africa is more monumental than the establishment of the European Union and possibly, even, the United States of America," Cedric stated prior to departing.

The four-day conference is from March 2-5, with Congress participants arriving from all over the continent of Africa, the Diaspora, and the broader international community.

Cedric will be available for interviews upon his return to the United States. He will be publishing analysis at (, the week of March 9th as well as submitting opinion editorials in financial, African, cultural and political media outlets.

The Wall Street Journal has referred to Cedric as “A specialist on African politics.”

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Saturday, March 7, 2009