An Update On The "Business and Building" Movement...(May 2008)

With great excitement and anticipation, we are pleased to provide this update on the progress of the Four Initiatives of The "Building and Business" Movement. Below, is a status update on each area and Initiative, and the newly unveiled Involvement pages for the areas of Political Action, International Affairs, and Community Development:

Political Action: Felon Disenfranchisement. The announcement of our partnership with the ACLU's Right To Vote effort has made waves and we are moving forward at a quickening pace to engage efforts on the ground in Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, and New Jersey to address voter registration challenges facing ex-offenders and in support of proposed or ideal legislation to weaken disenfranchisement laws and provisions that deny ex-offenders the right to vote. In addition, a viral, street, and guerilla campaign kicks off this month. It will begin with the showing of the documentary 'Democracy's Ghosts,' about the 5.3 million Americans who have lost the right to vote. For more details tune into "The Cedric Muhammad And Black Coffee Program."

We currently looking for seriously interested and dedicated individuals who would like to get involved with this critical issue which represents a nexus point between the criminal justice system, prison industrial complex, political power and America's racial divide . If dedicated the sign up form is here if you are interested in joining this Working Group:

Business and Investment: Black-Bank Initiative For Wealth Creation, Financial Literacy and Community Development.

Our talks with OneUnited Bank are moving forward as expected, after a recent meeting in Boston. We anticipate an announcement in coming weeks regarding our relationship with them. In addition to that we are ironing out an agreement for a website design that will be the window to our movement and message to promote 1) Investment Clubs 2) Direct business to, and challenge customer service and product offerings at our over 30 Black-Owned Banks 3) Financial Literacy and Wealth creation for us all - as individuals and communities.

In addition, our Working Group has

To register for the Black-Bank Initiative and/or join our current Working Group get involved here:

Community Development: The Our Selves (S.O.S.) Alliance. Taking their impressive ground campaign to the air, we are working with S.O.S. on a strategy to amplify and spread their message pertaining to street organizations; and to further support steps toward broadening their powerful youth development and leadership programs nationally.

"The inception of Saving Our Selves was based on the sole principle of building up that which we destroyed - giving back and building stronger. In that, it is a pleasure to begin this alliance with and start the process of healing our communities," says Marcellus "Bishop" Allen, President of Saving Our Selves.

Since the announcement of our relationship with S.O.S. we have made contact with several other individuals working with street organizations, conflict resolution, and youth development in North Carolina, Maryland, California and D.C.. We are looking to connect with similar organizations.

Stay tuned as "The Cedric Muhammad and Black Coffee Program" will discuss this Issue and Initiative with Dashaun "Jiwe" Morris, Author of "War of The Bloods In My Veins: A Street Soldiers March Toward Redemption."

If you are concerned about the issues of youth and 'gang' violence, and believe in the redemption of street organizations-families, and would like to get involved by joining our Working Group on this issue, please fill out the dedicated sign up form:

International Affairs: The Relationship Between The African Union and The Diaspora.

This Initiative is struggling the most to get off of the ground. Yet, it is perhaps, the most exciting. To that end, in order to jump-start this Initiative and attract broad involvement, we are considering hosting an event that would bring Africa and the Diaspora together for serious discussion, but under the 'Business and Building' format: networking, music, food and entertainment.

Currently, we are of the mind to produce informative and provocative White Papers on certain political, cultural, and economic issues in the Diaspora and in Africa that offer a different worldview and which 1) correct key media misinformation 2) impact political decision-making and 3) shape and influence the thinking of Black opinion leaders, organizations, and institutions across ideological, partisan, and religious lines.

We would have discussions, campaigns and mobilization efforts around the recommendations and key findings of these Papers.

If you are interested in this Initiative on any level - as scholar, researcher, event planner, or potential partner, the International Affairs involvement page is:

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Sunday, May 25, 2008