Wall St. and Business Wednesdays: CM Cap Signs Hip-Hoppreneur Bomani Armah

The Power Brokering, Entrepreneurial Development, and Business Growth Firm, CM Cap (http://cmcap.com/) is proud to announce it has signed a Hip-Hoppreneur(TM) Management deal with the talented artist Bomani Armah (http://notarapper.com/) and (http://myspace.com/knotarapper/). The relationship will allow CM Cap to focus not only on strategy for the non-music industry-related aspects of Bomani Armah's interests, but also to provide advisory and management services to Mr. Armah's music career.

"Bomani Armah is the kind of artist that comes along maybe once in a decade. His concept of himself as a leader is as important to him as his career as an artist. And that is rare. I haven't personally felt this strongly about someone in the music industry, since my days with Wu-Tang Clan and more recently through the opportunity I have had to advise David Banner (http://www.cmcap.com/home.asp?sec=news). I and CM Cap look forward to supporting Bomani Armah's incredible work on the ground in the community while helping him make the right business moves inside and out of the music industry. He is on the cutting edge of artistry, culture, politics and technology, and we are proud to have him as a Hip-Hoppreneur(TM) client." says CM Cap CEO, Cedric Muhammad.

"Cedric and CM Cap recognized right away what my music, values, and movement are all about," Bomani Armah stated. "I'm pleased to have this partnership with CM Cap, probably the only firm that I feel is qualified to work with me in the streets, the community, political circles and in the board room. It's not everyday you get to work with a political strategist, business economist, and media entrepreneur, like Cedric Muhammad. He understands my Washington D.C. base, my national and international audience and where I want to take my music, message and business model. He's a grown man like me, and it's time for us grown men to be about the business of our people, our culture and our bottom lines - without compromise."

About: CM Cap's Hip-Hoppreneur service is the first of its kind, guiding artists in their evolution as community leaders and entrepreneurs while expanding their political power outside of the music industry. Learn more at: http://cmcap.com/home.asp?sec=hiphop

Cedric Muhammad and Bomani Armah are both available for interviews regarding their partnership.

Media Contact: media(at)cmcap.com

Wednesday, September 5, 2007