Hip-Hop Fridays: Black Coffee Channel Launches Bomani Armah "Read A Book" BET 106th and Park Vote Campaign

The popular new multi-media network, Black Coffee Channel (http://www.blackcoffeechannel.com/) has launched a viewer campaign in support of getting BET to add the controversial video, "Read A Book" by Bomani Armah (http://notarapper.com/) to its Top 10 Countdown on the Program '106th and Park,' as well as its regular video rotation.

"For a variety of reasons we are asking all of our viewers to support this creative, disarming, engaging, and stimulating video. For years, corporate TV, movie studios, and terrestrial radio have used, promoted and pumped this kind of imagery and language throughout the airwaves into Black America. This combined effort, motivated by monetary gain, has impacted the view of Black people - one to another and abroad, even in Africa. Bomani Armah, quite brilliantly, has turned that logic on its head, and in the process has given us a cause to support. From issues of economic empowerment, family values, health, and education, this Brother has placed an uncomfortable mirror before us all, however exagerrated and potentially useful to the most racist minds outside of our community. However, if our community is to be healed and repaired, the full range of good and evil has to come out - to be either supported or corrected - on our terms," says Mr. Muhammad.

Viewers can view the video at: http://myspace.com/knotarapper

Viewers can vote for the video at:


"Intially offensive to many, upon further inspection, we all may consider that Bomani Armah might be performing a public service by bringing to light the worst in Hip-Hop culture and Black society - and mocking it, critiquing it, depicting it and repeating it in raw language. But beyond the shocking impact, I certainly hope we all notice the manner in which this creative genius and Hip-Hoppreneur utilizes reverse psychology, irony, paradox, dialectics and polemics, to make points that can drive discussion and motivate the viewer. This video is much more sophisticated than the interpretations and initial reactions of many would indicate. 'Read A Book' should not be dismissed or taken lightly."

On Wednesday, August 8, 2007, the live streaming talk show "The Cedric Muhammad and Black Coffee Program" from 12 to 4 PM (EST) will feature a wide-ranging discussion and debate over "Read A Book." Bomani Armah Will Appear As Special Guest to discuss the song, video, and his broader vision.

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Friday, August 3, 2007